Less scattered, more clear

Ditch Confusion & Get Clarity In 7 Days

A course for dramatically reducing society's influence over your desires so that you can hear the whispers of what you actually want deep down.

"It's obvious that the Clear Pond Clarity system is drawing on an immensely deep well of empirically and experientially-backed resources, a lot of experimentation, and creativity."

The Cost Of Confusion

You Want To Be Influenced..

From within, not solely from external sources.The problem is that we're confused more than ever, but it's also 100% possible to be more potent with our time, energy, & attention than ever too.We spend too much time consuming information rather than reflecting, contemplating, & creating from our own depth of experience. (Something we all have)

Here's why that is super frustrating:

  • Hours, Days, Weeks + are wasted away with nothing to show for it

  • You lose your sense of self and are constantly at the mercy of the algorithmic winds

  • You lack a clear sense of direction and have no idea what the next right move could be

  • You know there's bound to be a better way

  • (if none of these resonate with you, go ahead and close this tab - this isn't for you)

Getting My Own Clarity

Hi, I'm Mitchell 👋🏼

I was tired of feeling scattered and so unsure of what I actually wanted.Constantly, I was addicted to new information and what other people thought.The problem was that I didn't know what
I thought deep down.
That's when I tried to solve my own problem.It wasn't until I put myself through this same set of tools that I gained clarity on what I desired in my life.

Why it matters

You Ought To Benefit From Your Attention

❌ This isn't for you if you already have a natural force field against going down rabbit holes.
❌ This isn't for you if you already have a well-manicured feed & following list.
❌ This isn't for you if you already know exactly what to do next with your life.
✅ This is for you if your attention is split between too many different things.
✅ This is for you if your impact is diluted because of shiny distractions.
✅ This is for you if your future feels too blurry.
✅ This is for you if your desires are out of control & spreading you too thin.

How it works

You Can't Outrun Bad Consumption Habits

Counter to what the feeds want, you've got to reclaim your own divine opinion. Enough of the illusion and dilution.

In this course, I teach you how to get clarity for the Next Right Step.

Here's the basic breakdown of what's happening:

  • Part 1 is Rid. - First things first, we start by reducing the input and cutting out unnecessary friction.

  • Part 2 is Dial. - Next we optimize how we relate to the internet & the information age in a more soulful, curiosity-based way.

  • Part 3 is See. - We round things out by quietening down and crystalizing a sense of clarity about the Next Right Step in your life.

What's inside?

From Scattered-Brained To An Illuminated Next Step

There's a grace that never left you - you just couldn't hear it.When you dive into Clear Pond Clarity, you get an in-depth system for dramatically reducing society's influence over your desires so that you can hear the whispers of what you actually want deep down.

You get:

  • A 7-Day Culture Fast Protocol ($50 Value)

  • 3-Step Media Intake Makeover ($35 Value)

  • 5 High-Impact Journaling Prompts ($25 Value)

Clear Pond Clarity

Course + bonus material


"It's like a powerhouse compendium of all key takeaways and action items from the best books and podcasts of the last decade+ for improving your well-being from multiple angles."


  • BONUS - Harmonious Productivity Walkthrough ($50 Value)

  • BONUS - Life In Weeks Exercise ($25 Value)

  • BONUS - Boredom Checklist ($20 Value)

"CPC is a phenomenal framework for allowing me to shine a light of awareness into all of the crevices I tend to look away from within my mind."

it's crazy not to

Zero-Risk Guarantee

If you feel you didn't get a crazy amount of value for what you paid for, email me for a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.